How effective are you at recruitment?

How important is recruitment to you?

Often described as the most critical function within any organisation, recruitment should be all about finding the right people, for the right jobs, at the right time.

So how much emphasis do you really place on finding the best talent?

Research has indicated that despite citing the significance of recruitment on an organisations effectiveness, competitiveness and productivity, more often than not recruitment ends up being at the bottom rather than at the top of a Managers ‘to do list`.


In an increasingly competitive labour marketplace, where organisations rely heavily on their human capital to drive productivity and stay and one step ahead, sound Recruitment policies have been suggested to be vital in the attraction of the best talent.

So how can you make Recruitment work for you?

Recruitment shouldn’t be hard or laborious, although at times it can often seem that way!

Here are a few easy steps you can take to reduce the barriers and increase the attraction of talent into your organisation.

1)      Develop accurate job descriptions and person specifications

Accurate job descriptions and person specifications can save you bags of time. It gives the candidate relevant information about the role and its requirements, allowing them to ‘deselect` thus decreasing the number of irrelevant applications you have to review. In addition, a detailed person spec can help you evaluate and compare candidates, helping you to pick the ‘right` candidate for the job.

2)      Pick your advertising method

There are numerous methods of advertising your live vacancies including:

  • Internal; posting on your intranet platforms

  • Online job boards and social media

  • Expert recruitment agencies

What’s key, is to pick a method which suits your vacancy and remember that not all methods are appropriate for every vacancy.

An accurate job description and person spec will help you to establish which method is most suitable.

3)      Review

Reviewing multiple applications can sometimes feel never-ending. To quicken the process in the first instance pick 3 of the most essential qualities and skills which applicants MUST have to be considered for the role and review your applications based on these.

You should be able to easily find these qualities and skills within the job description and person specification you developed before advertising.

4)      Prepare

It may sound obvious, but it’s not just the applicant that needs to ensure they are prepared for an interview. To ensure you get the most out of the interview, it’s crucial that you have pre-prepared questions in order to help you establish whether the candidate meets the key requirements of the job. In addition, preparing first also allows you to clarify any inconsistencies within an application and obtain further information.

Questions can be easily developed using the job description and person specification and it’s helpful to use the same range of questions for each candidate in order for fair comparisons to be made.

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Emma Coles