Want to increase your trade counter's selling power?


We all know that first impressions count but how often do we evaluate the on-going impression we make every time we come into contact with customers? Dealing face-to-face over the trade counter is often one of the most under-utilised sales resources available to a branch centre.

Our Creating Impact in your Branch workshop will begin by assessing the importance of individual behaviour, asking the delegates to critically look at the image they portray through the eyes of a customer. Delegates will learn how the impact they make and questions they ask can lead directly to improved sales and margin.

Time will be spent focusing on not just the personal impact but also the image, layout and atmosphere of the trade counter with real emphasis on delegates taking true responsibility for their working environment. The module concludes with each delegate carrying out a personal service rating of their own performance and preparing an action plan that they can discuss and implement with their Branch Manager back in the business.

We currently have a choice on 3 dates and locations for this workshop:


Thursday, 13th June


Tuesday, 2nd July


Wednesday, 3rd July

Creating Impact in your Branch’ is initially part of our Customer Excellence Programme which consists of a suite of three workshops situated in the North, Midlands and South of England.

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The Programme provides both new and experienced trade counter/internal sales team members the opportunity to learn key skills to easily increase order value and profit in a non-aggressive way, whilst also generating quality sales and becoming a value-added resource for your customers. All delegates will have the opportunity to participate in three fun, informative & interactive workshops with our ‘Creating Impact in your Branch’ module beginning this June that will help them assess their own customer service approach and understand how positive changes can ultimately ensure your customer loyalty and increase your branches GP. (It is NOT compulsory for delegates to attend all three workshops.)

Each workshop is priced at £295+VAT pp giving you a cost effective way to ensure the development of between 1 and 12 members of your team.

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If you are interested in signing up for any of our upcoming workshops, please contact us today via email training@pinnaclesolutions.net or give us a call on 01952 462300