Introduction to Electrical Wholesale


Who Will Benefit?

The workshop is aimed at anyone who has day to day customer contact over the trade counter.

Course Type

1-day workshop

Regional or in-company

Learning style

Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual exercises and interactive discussions

What Do You Get?

Course hand-outs

Full course notes

Course completion certificate

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What's it all about?

How many people who enter the electrical wholesale industry have any understanding of what an electrical wholesaler does never mind the products, market sectors, competitors and the like?

This workshop has been designed for new people looking to start a career in electrical wholesaling who have little to no knowledge of the industry or market place. Its key purpose is to give attendees an overview of how the industry functions covering route to market, customer types, top level product sectors, supplier sectors and some very basic product knowledge. The aim is give attendees an increased level of confidence in the early months of their career when tasked with speaking to customers both over the phone and face to face. To all of us in the industry basic product knowledge and terminology never crosses our mind, we know it, to someone who has never set foot in a wholesaler it is daunting to say the least, who outside of the industry even knows what Twin and Earth is? The workshop works excellently as part of any businesses induction process for new starters.

What will be covered in this module?

  • What is an Electrical Wholesaler & why do they exist

  • A really simplistic view of electrical supply

  • The different market sectors Domestic, commercial, industrial

  • The different product sectors Switch gear, lighting, hvac, etc.

  • The route to market and manufactures.

  • Who are the customers

  • What are cash sales and account customers

  • The electrical contractor – what do they want from you?

  • The journey of an order

  • Asking for help from other

What will the delegate be able to do on completion

  • Understand the basics of how an Electrical Wholesaler works

  • Know the different market sectors in the industry

  • Understand the basic distribution path of electricity – power station to charging your phone

  • Have a broad overview of the types of customers wholesalers deal with (public to multi nationals)

  • Grasp the route to market and journey of an order

  • Have the confidence to ask questions and ask for help