Delivering Service and Sales from the Van


Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who drives the van delivering orders to customers

 Course Type

1-day workshop

Regional or in-company

 Learning Style

Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual workbook exercises and interactive discussions

 What Do You Get?

Course hand-outs

Course completion certificate

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What's it all about?

The Van Driver can be described as the ‘Face of the Company’, often they interact with the customer than anyone else in the business, however they are also often overlooked from a development point of view.

This workshop has been designed specifically for the industries fantastic people who drive the van, looking to develop their confidence and communication skills with customers with a goal of providing a first-class customer service experience to your clients on every drop.

Delegates will assess the importance of their role and the ‘Service’ levels they provide identifying their key strengths and areas where improvements can be made to help them gain a more focused approach

They will cover some of the basics of good vehicle maintenance, safe driving and effective route planning as well as learning some really simple ways that they can help to grow the business by gaining additional orders and gathering leads.

Finally, they will be encouraged to set quality, measurable, individual goals to take back to the business and implement.

What will be covered in this module?

  • What is your experience of delivery services?

  • Your service levels and expectations.

  • Your Customer’s real expectations

  • 1st Impressions on every drop

  • Vehicle care and safe driving

  • Effective route planning

  • The journey from order to delivery

  • Selling from the van

  • Gathering sales leads and feedback