Pro-Active Internal Sales


Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is designed for the experienced trade counter and internal sales team members

Course Type

1-day workshop

Regional or in-company

Learning Style

Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual workbook exercises and interactive discussions

What Do You Get?

Course hand-outs

Course completion certificate

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What's it all about?

This workshop has been designed for both new and experienced trade counter and internal sales team members who are looking to develop their sales skills both over the telephone and face to face over the counter. It will give them simple and effective tools to aid them in the development of both new and existing customers. It will focus on building self-confidence and self-belief, helping the individuals focus on the positive side of sales and what are the benefits to them personally of growing branch sales.

The workshop will also look at the need to be resilient, giving them tips on how to deal with rejection in a non-personal way. It will help them take a fresh look at the way they communicate with all customers moving the focus of all communication to be sales development. Delegates will look at basic, easy to implement ways to increase sales with both the reactive and pro-active order and enquiry. As part of the workshop delegates will take away documents and forms that they can tailor and use back in the branch.

The module concludes with each delegate preparing an action plan that they can discuss and implement with their Branch Manager back in the business.

What will be covered in this module?

  • Setting overall objectives for the programme

  • The difference between reactive & proactive

  • Who has the greatest influence on branch sales?

  • Increasing sales over the counter

  • Pro-active telephone calls to existing customer to generate business

  • Prospecting and information gathering with new customers

  • The Key attributes of a ‘Great Internal Pro-Active Sales Person’

  • Personal action plans