Effective Coaching Skills


Who Will Benefit?

The workshop is aimed at anyone who has responsibility for leading and managing either an internal or external sales team. 

Course Type

1-day workshop

Regional or in-company


Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual exercises and interactive discussions

What Do You Get?

Course hand outs

Full course notes

Course completion certificate


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What’s it all about?

To get the best out of your teams, being an effective coach is one of the key skills of being a great Manager or Leader. The key aim of the course is to ensure you, as leaders, drive results by supporting your team members in their learning, enabling them to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to successfully deliver their job responsibilities and goals.

This module begins by understanding what coaching is and what contribution it can make to individual and business success. When then go on to explore the essential differences between coaching and mentoring and how each can be used appropriately and to best effect. Understanding each coaching method to adapt and apply to individual coaching sessions is examined and practised.  Finally, we look at how any effective coaching session is followed up and implemented to help the individual reach their personal goals. 

What will be covered in this module?

  • Setting overall objectives for programme.

  • Workshop best practice and outline of day.

  • What is coaching?

    • How does it differ from other management techniques?

    • The difference between coaching and mentoring

  • Key skills and attributes of a really effective coach

  • Developing your own coaching ‘style’

  • Building and individual, complete and real action plan

  • Using communication effectively

  • Individual Team Development

o  Post training reviews

o  Motivational development

o  Setting stretching goals and objectives

  • Action Plans

Martyn Jennings