Effective Planning for Sales People

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Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is for any sales person who has to manage and plan customer calls 

Course Type

1-day workshop
Regional or in-company

Learning Style

Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual exercises and interactive discussions

What Do You Get?

Course hand-outs

Full course notes

Course completion certificate

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What’s it all about?

It is often said that planning and preparation are the keys to success, this is certainly true for any sales person that has to manage an area. Many sales people hate planning, after all it can be boring, but to maximise our potential it is imperative we have a professional and structured approached 

This workshop has been deigned to give attendees some fantastic, yet simple kills and tips to enable them to become effective planners, saving themselves hours of wasted time and ensuring regularity of contact for the most import people – the customers. 

Everyone attending will leave with ways to make themselves more effective as an “area manager’.  

What will be covered in this module?

  • The importance of planning and preparation.

  • Time – a Scarce resource in sales 

  • Who needs a call, why and how often?

  • The importance of appointments

  • Geographical call planning 

  • Getting ourselves and the customers into habits 

  • Know your patch and planning accordingly 

  • Maximizing the number of calls

  • Not forgetting to prospect 

  • Sticking to your plans

  • What happens when it all goes wrong 

What will the delegates be able to do on completion?

  • Implement a structured weekly planning routine 

  • Prepare an efficient and effective geographical call plan for the week and/ or month 

  • Utilise time to its maximum and get in front of more customers

  • Understand who really needs a call and why

  • Ensure consistent, regular calls with our must-see customers 

  • Allow more time for prospecting and gaining new business 

  • Be more assertive with their own time

Martyn Jennings