Business Development of Low Spending Accounts



The workshop is aimed at new and existing Sales Executives/Account Managers


1-day workshop

Regional or in-company


Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual exercises and interactive discussions


Course hand-outs

Full course notes

Course completion certificate

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Whats is all about

To describe this workshop in simple terms it is all about providing a framework and the skills to grow your business in the easiest way – with your existing customer’s.

The day is a challenging yet fun workshop that gets the key sales personnel in your business to work together and formulate a structured plan to develop lower spending accounts that offer potential for growth.

It will give attendees a professional and structured way to work hand in hand with existing low spending customers to identify opportunities and implement a plan to grow their current spend month-on-month. It will enable them to gain the skills to really get to know the customers from a business perspective and not just a personal one. 

The workshop is not about changing the world, however it is about changing the relationships with your customers in a positive way, making them feel valued and resulting in increased sales and profit.

what will be covered in this module

•  Introductions and Objectives 

• Ways to grow business?

• What is do you want from a key supplier? 

• What makes a strong relationship?

• Building a Business Development Strategy  

 - Understanding the customers business

 - Collecting information not just orders

 -What does your customers want from you?

• The Business Development Meeting 

 - Using a BD template 

 - Identifying Needs and Wants 

 - Agreement and Partnership

 - Asking the right questions  

• Consistency and Measure 

 - Building habit through regular contact 

 - Setting joint objectives

 - Implementing quarterly reviews

•Who to target? When? How?

Martyn Jennings