Cold Calling and Booking Appointments



This workshop has been designed for both new and experienced sales people.


2-day workshop

Regional or in-company


Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual exercises and interactive discussions


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what’s it all about

This workshop has been designed for both new and experienced sales people looking to improve their confidence and effectiveness in cold calling potential new clients and increasing the number of fixed appointments they achieve. The delegates will examine the importance to any business of continuously adding new customers and the need to make it part of their daily activities. The workshop will guide them through a structured frame work for success covering research, the actual call to get an appointment, the first meeting face to face and finally the follow up. Objections are explored using real examples and ways of challenging and overcoming them are worked out. We will explore the fear people have of rejection and how we can reduce this through preparation and a professional approach. Delegates will be given some basic tools and templates to assist them when they return to their roles. The workshop closes with the attendees reviewing their current customer base / sectors to determine which sectors they should be targeting, this enables them to prepare an action plan to take away and immediately put into practice 


• Preparation and effective research of potential clients

• The importance of fixed appointments 

• Dealing with rejection effectively 

• Making successful telephone cold calls

• Building and rehearsing your pitch

• Making 1st meeting memorable and interesting

• Challenging and overcoming objections 

• The importance of follow up

What will the delegate be able to do on completion?

  • Plan and implement a successful strategy to gain new clients 

  • Deliver an effective introduction to use when cold calling over the telephone 

  • Effectively research potential clients to gain more appointments 

  • Overcome basic objections

  • Conduct professional and interesting first meetings and leave an impact 

  • Gain more fixed appointments thus becoming more effective

  • Ensure actions from meeting are followed through and second appointments are gained 

  • Take away an action plan that they can start to implement immediately

Martyn Jennings