Effective Negotiation Skills


Who will benefit?

Designed for individuals and teams, who want a fresh approach to achieving mutually beneficial results during negotiations

Course type

2-day workshop

Regional or in-company

Learning style

Syndicate groups, brain storming, individual exercises and role practice

What do you get?

Course hand-outs

Course completion certificate

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 What’s it all about?

This training module has been designed to improve individuals and teams confidence, providing them with new skills, to prepare and deliver effective This workshop is designed for anyone in the business who regularly has to negotiate, be it with customers, suppliers, staff or internal colleagues. Gaining a win/win/win (organisation/themselves/customer) is often the most difficult part of any role.  This workshop will equip attendees with new skills and ten clear steps to achieving the desired result for all involved.  

This course will cover why assertive behaviour in negotiations is essential to a successful outcome. Both parties must strive for a win-win result that they are both happy with and committed to.

By the end of the two days, delegates will look at negotiating as a key tool in building mutually profitable relationships.

What will be covered in this module?

  • The ten steps of negotiation

  • Understanding what a successful negotiation is

  • Understand negotiable and non-negotiable

  • What style of negotiator are you?

  • Preparing for a meeting

  • Setting clear objectives

  • Practice your negotiation skills

  • Showing empathy to the other person

  • Negotiating as an equal

  • Action planning for the future

Martyn Jennings