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Conducting Effective Interviews

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne Newcastle uk (map)
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Duration: One Day

Who should attend and what will they gain?

This workshop is designed specifically for Managers and / or Directors who have direct responsibility for recruiting personnel. The module looks at how vitally important it is to select the right person 1st time and how costly errors in recruitment can be to the business. We look at the need to commit real time to both the preparation and actual interviewing process. Delegates will learn a process that begins by identifying and listing the skills, competencies and experience that applicants ‘must have’ followed by ones that are ‘desired but not essential’. This list forms the basis of all questioning and allows the interviewer to rank applicants accordingly based on fact and not ‘gut feeling’. The workshop will cover the need to obtain pre-interview information from applicants and get them to prepare to ensure a structured and professional interview can be planned and take place. Attendees will work on preparing both open and closed questions to be used in the process and building a meaningful and interesting interview. Attendees will leave with a confidence and process to give greater success in employing the right people and keeping them.

What will be covered in this module?

  • The true importance of skilled interviewing and recruitment.

  • The cost of recruitment and getting it wrong.

  • Preparation – identifying the essential skills, knowledge, experience and personality traits.

  • Reviewing CV’s against the criteria – sticking to the spec.

  • Preparing open and closed questions for the interview.

  • Building the interview – the structure of an interview – start, middle and end.

  • Ranking and comparing applicants.

  • Never taking the wrong one.

  • Making the right decision.

What will the delegate be able to do on completion?

  • Conduct meaningful and professional interviews.

  • Prepare for interviews in a structured way.

  • Prepare and ask questions to really find out if the applicant can do the job.

  • Compare applicants against set criteria.

  • Sell the company and role honestly.

  • Select the right candidate for the job.

  • Take away an action plan that they can start to implement immediately.

What training style will be used?

This workshop will be a combination of syndicate groups and challenging interactive discussions. It will involve feedback sessions from other delegates and the chance to learn from other peoples’ experiences. There will be plenty of opportunity to create and develop an action plan for the delegates present to their team at the end of the day.  There is guidance offered on post course action planning during the day by the workshop leader.